Monday, October 10, 2005

Grazie, Signore Colombo

Had a nice weekend, thanks to Mr Columbus and his voyage that discovered America. Here's what happened -
  • some work (can't just leave my regular life alone)
  • getting drenched in rain, twice !
  • hear some beautiful songs (can't get enough of Omana thingal kidavo )
  • couple of siestas (soooo good)
  • a hearty lunch (gracias, Chipotle)
  • a night at the movies (Flightplan)
  • a bit of cooking
  • conversations with friends
  • couple of movies at home (Minority report [brilliant !], Indiana Jones and Temple of Doom [hopeless characterization !])
  • Gentoo Linux installation (fat chance for a dumb user, I have given up on it for the time being)
  • couple of evening walks
More -
Wikipedia on Columbus
Kasak, Jism

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