Sunday, October 9, 2005

Omana thingal kidavo

One of my endless searches for mp3 songs lead me to this lilting lullaby. I think I have heard about it being studied in primary school in Kerala but not as a song. I was thinking of coming up with a list of Malayalm lullabies and turned to google to find the ones not in my collection. There in one of the webpages I found a mention about this famous lullaby. I found it on I am not sure who the singer is, it could be Bombay Jayashree. She released an album of lullabies sometime back called Vatsalyam, which includes this song.

Its a very refreshing song. Listen to it and get cajoled in to leaving your worries behind and enjoy the soothing melody. I did some more googling to find more about it.

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