Friday, September 16, 2005

I love Tamil

I saw "Mr & Mrs Iyer" recently. The heroine in that movie is a Tamilian and she brought back memories of a good old friend. Very soon after that, she mailed me and I went gaga about the movie and what it brought back. All through the movie I was thinking about Tamil and why I seemed to love it.

I am a Malayali brought up in Andhra Pradesh, so I know both Malayalam and Telugu. My association with Tamil, before I started to work, was due to Mani Ratnam, A R Rehman, Kamal Hassan and Illayaraja and their movies. I was never fond of Tamil in those days because I could not understand most of what I heard in Tamil. At work, I had many Tamil friends and could not resist falling in love with the language. I tried learning it earnestly, but could not complete. I still have my notes and hope to learnt it completely someday. At one point I had learnt the alphabet.

The thing about it is that I love to hear someone talk in Tamil. I remember once I was with a colleague of mine and his friends. I could not help feel very happy listening to them speak in Tamil. This time around when I went to India, I had to go to Chennai for my VISA interview and I secretly enjoyed exercising my Tamil diction (hoping to sound like a Palghat Iyer).

On a side note, one of the compliments I have received over time is that I look like a Tamil Brahmin. I guess it's due to my large forehead, which someone else said was baldness biding it's time to happen.

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