Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Livin' the dream

As I get ready for another work day, I am reminded that this month completes the fifth year of my work life.

All you guys who started work on 4 sep 2000, you rock the world! (That was when I started)

We surely missed the train, missed the Y2K boom, missed quickly ending up in the US with a nice paying job, missed the Java boom. But hey we did make companies like Infosys think about employee retention, we did see to that our voice made an impact in the annual surveys, we did make them revise their pay structure to accomodate for this huge group that had to be suddenly promoted and or given a hike.

And for all those co-dreamers who think of crossing in to the blue, rather US, all I have to say,being the one who got a chance to cross over, it will happen soon or later, keep the faith.

I like the ads for US Air Force, they all end with the line "Cross in to the blue". I guess my liking has more to do with my childhood dream of becoming a fighter pilot than anything else. Only planes I could pilot till date are F22 - raptor (thanks to good old PK), F18 - Hornet and couple of WWII planes (including Mustang, Hurricane, Spitfire, Stuka, Zero etc etc), except they were all part of computer games. The last one was from the game "Airfix - Dogfighter", one of my all-time favorite games. A game where, to use an American phrase, I kicked some serious butt. For all my fellow gamers from mangala, this is maverick, the guy who was forced to play with just the cannon for firepower, when you all went about shooting missiles and dropping bombs, I am livin' the dream, hope you are too. Maverick, is not a throw back to Tom Cruise in Top Gun. I was actually surprised when I learnt his call sign in the movie was same as mine. Believe me, I am being honest here.

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