Sunday, September 11, 2005


I have been fascinated by this word for a long time. I find it beautiful, it makes me think of a small stream that gurgles along unnoticed in the wild. When I was a kid, we used to get a magazine called "News from Israel" every month. My dad remembers of paying the annual subscription of 10 rupees once, but they never stopped sending the magazine after it expired. It had thick pages that me and my sis would use to cover our school note books after the initial brown paper wrapping went off. This magazine introduced me to Shalom and David's star. I was to learn the meaning of Shalom many years later, which made me like the word even more. Years later when I got a column of my own on, as part of the profile I had to write what was "Zzar's parting shot" (columnists are called Zzars). I did think of "shalom", but settled for "ciao", which was in vogue, thanks to MTV and Channel [V] VJs. Anyway, the guys at ended up publishing it as "chalo, see you soon".

Let us all spare a moment to remember the victims of September 11 2001 tragedy.

Shalom !

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