Monday, February 6, 2006

Two great movies - Munich & Alfie

I had a good time this weekend watching two great movies - Munich and Alfie. Both of them were moving in different ways. I do not remember seeing murders on film that are as gruesome as shown in Munich. It is bit lengthy by hollywood standards but I never realised the passage of time as it kept me engrossed. I have not seen anyone play a hurt human as Eric Bana in Munich. The way his face changes through the movie is an interesting study in emotions. Critics seem to have a mixed opinion on Munich unlike Alfie where the opinion seems to be of disappointment. I have not seen the one with Michael Caine, so in a way I had no prejudice. I think that this is the best movie Jude Law has done. He seems to come push it up a notch with each new role he gets. Jude Law just oozes charm in this one.

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