Sunday, February 12, 2006


As I casually browsed my music collection to listen to something as I went through the mundane stuff that needs to get done, on a Sunday before the week starts after the whole of Saturday was wasted, I chanced upon Satya. I listen to music in different languages and being South Indian that means I might be listening to the soundtrack of the same movie in three different languages, usually Tamil, Telugu and Hindi as many popular movies in these languages get dubbed into the other two. I had downloaded the some of the songs from Satya's Telugu version recently and I started to listen to that and then moved on to the Hindi soundtrack. I have always liked Satya's Hindi soundtrack, even though the tunes are the same. It has a great soundtrack from the moody "badalon se" to the peppy "sapno mein", from the slow "geela geela pani" to the ultimate gangster song "goli maro". The soundtrack perfectly gels with the movie and songs never stand out of the narrative like usual bollywood movie songs.

Last but not least, who can forget the movie. It is one of the best movies made on Mumbai underworld. The thing that I remember most about the movie is the shocking scene where Bhiku Matre gets killed. Manoj Bajpai went places in Bollywood after his superb performance in Satya as Bhiku Matre. I had watched him before in the Doordarshan soap "Swabhimaan" and was pretty sure he was destined for better things. This film revealed another side of Urmila, at least to me. She plays a simple middle class girl aspiring for a better life. Then there is JD (Satya), who pulls of an amazing performance as an intelligent, fearless strategist. The movie has a host of other actors who played their parts to perfection. It is an intelligent movie and does not take sides. It reveals the other side of gangsters, Bhiku Matre's scenes with his family are a perfrect example.

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