Wednesday, March 29, 2006

World of Warcraft

As a month of my WOW (World of Warcraft) subscription comes to an end , I hate to say that I am hooked. For the longest time I resisted the urge to try out this MMORPG, mostly because I did not want to outgrow the World of Warcraft as I have seen in the Warcraft game series. WOW, the game asked for a switch to RPG from pure strategy genre. I play RPG games, actually I play them more than strategy games these days, but this was a switch I did not want to do. In reality it is not so much of an RPG, that is my opinion though. Neverthless it is a good game.

It gives you opportunities to plays with the other online gamers, which in my experience adds a different dimension to the whole gaming experience altogether. It is hard to get a good group of strangers to play with, but when that happens it is magical. This one time I ended up with a group of 3 people in an in-game instance (instance is an area in the game created fresh for a group and only that group gets to control what happens in the instance ). It was a balanced group (Warrior, Hunter, Druid and Mage) and we were killing bad guys and so on. Soon the mage had to leave and then we were forced to ask ourselves whether we could continue the instance as you needed a pool of abilities to fight the evil guys in any instance and we thought we were woefully short after the fourth member left. Neverthless we decided to carry on and what followed was surreal . Three of us almost acted together like a complete being, one co ordinating with the other with out any communication. In the end what we thought was impossible seemed pretty straight forward. As we came to the end of the instance we were left wondering how we managed to complete it.

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