Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Aye aye sir

Those words brought warm smiles once upon a time. They meant that I now could create elven destroyers and that was good. I am talking here about a game called Warcraft 2 , the tide of darkness, one of the best strategy games for a long time. This was the first computer game that captured my interest and I have spent many a weekend repulsing orcish raids and devising new ways to use death knights back in my school days. I still remember copying the game in to 20 floppy disks after zipping it and splitting it and praying all the floppies survive the 200 kilometer trip home on bumpy roads with out getting bad sectors.

I recently bought Warcraft 3 and got this as a freebie and was thrilled. For some reason the game was not as tough as I remembered it to be. I remember spending many many hours trying to get past the first level in the expansion pack. This time around I finished it in one sitting. Did I get better at playing computer games? Whatever the case be I did not feel the same charm anymore, I had seen a whole slew of games over the years. But I spent couple of days playing it and reliving some good old memories.

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